Medications Arrive and Repeating Numbers!


Medications arrived today! I woke up excited, and again, in total shock that we are here, IN this process! Mark was in Vermont for one more day, so I knew I'd be home by myself when the infamous "med delivery" happened. The fertility pharmacy was very clear that I needed to be home from 7AM to 8PM, as the meds could arrive at any time during the day and would be on ice and need immediate refrigeration, and would require a signature.

I had a great plan that I would wake up and be productive immediately and just listen for the door when the UPS guy arrived. But I realized if I tried to (silver)smith in my studio, I may not be able to hear him/her through the noise. Mark, clever guy that he is, told me to leave a note on the door that said "I'm here! Knock and ring doorbell!!!" LOL. So I wrote one out on a bright orange post it note, and as I was opening the door to put it on the doorbell, I saw the UPS guy across the street at my neighbor's house! YAYYY! 

So, I know I've mentioned in some posts the symbolism behind flamingos for me and my TTC journey... but have I mentioned the way repeating numbers have been following me around for the past 2.5 years?! Well, they have. 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44.... you get the idea. I see them. All of them.  ALL. OF. THE. TIME. And whenever I ask for a "sign" (TTC sisters can relate, am I right?!) I will see them EVEN MORE! So, I see the UPS guy at my neighbor's house. It's 11:06AM. I text Mark, who tolerates my woo-woo love for all things "sign" related, and said "OMG HE IS AT THE NEIGHBOR'S AND IT'S 11:06! IF HE GETS HERE AT 11:11 I WILL PEE MY PANTS!!!!!" And I'm not even kidding you, it's forever on record in some UPS database in the cloud, I signed the signature pad for that massive, freaky-intimidating box of IVF medications at 11:11AM.  (Cue the fireworks and screenshotting my phone as quickly as possible and goosebumps ALL over my body and then general tipsy-shaking as I walked that giant package into my house, with the biggest, beaming smile on my face). 

So there you have it-- here we go, starting our cycle with a little nudge from the universe that it's all gonna be OK. <3

I've seen and read med delivery posts from other IVF sisters and I knew that this delivery was going to be big, and that a lot of emotions would come with it. I'm so thankful that I've found such a supportive and open community of women who have gone/are going through this process. I knew a lot more about what to expect when this delivery arrived, and it helped reduce the shock factor by a lot. Don't get me wrong, receiving MY OWN medications that will be injected into MY OWN body was still very overwhelming, but if I had never seen another woman's insights into this, it would have been a lot more intense. So thank you to all the brave women out there who also shared their experiences! My biggest hope is that my own post can be read by someone and help them the way others have helped me. <3