Our TTC Timeline (Short Version)



Hey guys! Thanks so much for being here and reading along with our journey. Those of you who found us through The Whimsie, by making a donation, or participating in the maker auction, thank you so much for supporting Mark & I as we embark on this next step to add a baby to our family. Here is the short version of Mark & I's TTC (trying to conceive) timeline.

  • February 2016, we decide to 'try' for a baby, and get pregnant that month!
  • March 2016, abnormal symptoms, low HcG numbers, and an empty uterus
  • April 2016, after two trips to the emergency room, an ectopic pregnancy in discovered in my right fallopian tube.
  • April 2016, Methotrexate fails, three ER trips later, my right tube is removed in emergency surgery
  • May-August 2016, cannot try to conceive due to use of Methotrexate
  • November 2016, we get pregnant again (positive test December 10, 2016)
  • January 2017, no heartbeat found, we return for several follow-ups before finally confirming the hardest reality. The pregnancy is not viable.
  • January 2017,  I miscarry.
  • March 2018, on International Women's Day, I get my first period! We start TTC again.
  • July 2017, pregnant again! (August 20th positive pregnancy test)
  • August 2017, bio-chemical pregnancy is confirmed, period begins. :( 
  • September 2017, I start doing acupuncture
  • December 2017, Mark starts doing acupuncture; we both get hormone panels & Mark does an SA
  • January 2018, we begin meeting with specialists...
  • March-May 2018, we begin to research adoption, foster care, as well as IVF...
  • June 2018, we commit to IVF with confidence, after a lot of soul searching

So, here we are,  over 2 1/2 years after starting our journey to have a baby. We are now working with an excellent fertility center based in New England and with a Dr. whom we both have so much faith and trust in. He believes our best shot is to do In-vitro Fertilization, which comes at no small cost. In the state of Maine, no matter how good your health insurance, health insurance companies are not required to provide Fertility Treatment coverage. Mark & I were fortunate to have our diagnostic procedures covered, but we have zero treatment coverage. Our IVF cycle will cost $14,500, completely out of pocket. The medication is not included in that price. Medications will cost another $6,000. As you can imagine, this is not an expense that a young married couple plans on when starting a family. Instead of starting a college fund for our first child, we will be paying for invasive medical treatment just to create their life. We are scared and excited to start this process, and it doesn't come without its challenges. 

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