Unicorn Lavender Magic ~ Whimsie Wellness Goddess Ring

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Unicorn Lavender Magic ~ Whimsie Wellness Goddess Ring


*** Fits a SIZE 7.5-8 comfortably ***

This magical wellness goddess not only diffuses oils, but is infused with its own special kind of magic. The sold sterling silver unicorn horn tops this beautiful lavender moon face, accented with elevating, third-eye activating amethyst stones. Get swept up in this magic!

This Whimsie Wellness Goddess, Unicorn Magic, is an oil diffusing piece from the Whimsie Wellness Collection. For more information on this collection, click here.

This stunning piece features:

  • As always, solid sterling silver construction
  • Back cut-out (heart shaped) for diffusing oils
  • Amethyst accent stones
  • Solid, handcrafted unicorn horn
  • Sterling star accents and sterling wire details
  • Lavender colored cabochon made by Pitch Pine Pottery
  • 100% Handcrafted, always.
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