Custom Orders

  • To begin the custom order process, contact me using the 'Contact' form on this website. Alternatively, you may message me via The Whimsie's Facebook Page (link at bottom of all pages on this website). 
  • We will begin by creating a design for your piece, together. This may be simple (e.g., a rose quartz stone set in sterling, on a sterling ring band), or much more complex. We decide on stones, metals, sizes, etc. You may also send me inspiration images or photos of my previous work that you have in mind. The design process can take anywhere from 2 days to a week or two  (e-mailing or exchanging messages to ensure that you are totally happy with the design). 
  • Custom orders are paid for 100% in advance, or with a 50% deposit to hold materials/50% payment upon completion; whichever is decided upon between The Whimsie and client party. This is to protect The Whimsie's investment in metal, stones, and of course, the hours of time put into your piece. I will ensure prior to beginning the creation of your item that you are sure you want to move forward, so don't fret! 
  • Lastly, we will discuss the timeline for the creation of your custom order! Usually, custom orders and made-to-order items are out the door within two weeks of your purchase date. Exceptions to this may include during busy seasons or for more complex items, in which cases the turnaround time may be closer to three weeks. 

Returns & Exchanges

  • Custom orders are non-refundable (this includes custom order deposits). Because I take such time and care to ensure you are satisfied before proceeding with making your piece, I feel this policy must stand. If for any reason you are not happy with your custom order, please contact me immediately and I will do my best to resolve the concern. In rare circumstances, a percentage of your dollar amount spent may be offered as a store credit for a future purchase.
  • Standard Orders may be returned or exchanged (at the buyers' shipping expense), if there is reasonable need to do so. The Whimsie reserves the right to refuse any request for return or exchange, again, because time and care is taken to accurately and fairly represent all pieces in listings, write-ups, and photographs. For your convenience, all photos are taken in natural light, and items are clearly described. 
  • If there should be a need for a refund, full or partial, The Whimsie shall return the full or partial amount of money paid minus any fees accrued for processing (i.e., PayPal, Square or Stripe service charges).

The Whimsie Guarantee

  • The Whimsie uses .925 sterling silver, .999 fine silver, 14kt gold, 14kt gold-fill, copper, or brass in all designs, unless otherwise clearly stated. All metal is sourced through reputable jeweler's supply companies, who use ethical and sustainable practices (e.g., recycled metals).  All stones are sourced directly through lapidary artists or jeweler supply companies. 
  • All jewelry made by The Whimsie is 100% handcrafted, created over several hours of time and with extreme care. If there is a problem with your piece within 30 days of purchase (cracked or broken stones excluded), The Whimsie can most likely repair this at no charge to the customer except the cost of shipping the item back to me.

Shipment & Handling Responsibility

  • The Whimsie is not responsible for any item once it leaves the studio. This includes damage incurred during the shipping process as well as  lost or stolen packages. All items leave my studio lovingly packed and cared for, and with a provided USPS tracking number. Please contact USPS for any issues with damaged, lost, or stolen packages. 

Precious Metal Care & Preserving Your Whimsie Jewelry

  • Sterling, gold, copper & brass metals will naturally darken over time through a process called oxidation (also referred to as 'tarnish'). The pH of your skin determines the rate at which this happens. If you notice your piece is losing its shine or 'darkening up', use a silver or jewelry polishing cloth to briskly rub the piece all over. This should return all shine. A word to the wise-- if you have a hand stamped piece, resist the urge to polish too frequently.  Although all pieces are sealed with a museum quality finishing wax, too much polishing can cause the intentionally darkened areas of the stamp to fade over time. 
  • Do not swim, shower, or do heavy duty type tasks while wearing your Whimsie pieces. Sterling and other precious metals do not react well to repeated exposure to salt water, chlorinated water, soaps, dyes, or perfumes.  When in doubt, remove your Whimsies and treat them with the utmost care. I do not do my dishes, take showers, or garden while wearing my Whimsie pieces. This is especially important in stone overlay pieces, as exposure to the chemicals listed above can break down the processes used to engage the stones with each other.
  • Sterling silver and fine silver are relatively soft metals, and should be treated with care when in use. Some gauges of silver can bend and become misshapen if abused over time.  The Whimsie will not be responsible for sterling silver pieces that are damaged due to abuse over time. Use your judgement, and if it seems too rowdy for a piece of handcrafted jewelry, do not wear your piece during this activity.
  • Lastly, some stones used in jewelry are particularly fragile. If a piece is dropped, there is a chance that the stone may crack. Please keep this in mind when wearing your pieces. The Whimsie will not be responsible for cracked or broken stones.

Working Environment & Client Interactions

The Whimsie uses various social media platforms to engage with and take orders from clients, showcase new work, and interact with fans. In the digital era of social media, however, there can occasionally crop up an unpleasant or persistent and unwelcome interaction.

The Whimsie and all of its entities reserve the right to work free of hostile conditions and harassment of any kind.  The Whimsie reserves the right to refuse business to any client who is behaving in a hostile, rude, or lude manner. If at any time The Whimsie perceives a client's behavior, demeanor, or interactions as hostile, rude, or lude, The Whimsie will issue a refund (if applicable) and/or end business dealings with said client.