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Precious Metal Care:
Preserving Your Whimsie Jewelry

  • Sterling, gold, copper & brass metals will naturally darken over time through a process called oxidation (also referred to as 'tarnish'). The pH of your skin determines the rate at which this happens. If you notice your piece is losing its shine or 'darkening up', use a silver or jewelry polishing cloth to briskly rub the piece all over. This should return all shine. A word to the wise-- if you have a hand stamped piece, resist the urge to polish too frequently.  Although all pieces are sealed with a museum quality finishing wax, too much polishing can cause the intentionally darkened areas of the stamp to fade over time. 
  • Do not swim, shower, or do heavy duty type tasks while wearing your Whimsie pieces. Sterling and other precious metals do not react well to repeated exposure to salt water, chlorinated water, soaps, dyes, or perfumes.  When in doubt, remove your Whimsies and treat them with the utmost care. I do not do my dishes, take showers, or garden while wearing my Whimsie pieces. This is especially important in stone overlay pieces, as exposure to the chemicals listed above can break down the processes used to engage the stones with each other.
  • Sterling silver and fine silver are relatively soft metals, and should be treated with care when in use. Some gauges of silver can bend and become misshapen if abused over time.  The Whimsie will not be responsible for sterling silver pieces that are damaged due to abuse over time. Use your judgement, and if it seems too rowdy for a piece of handcrafted jewelry, do not wear your piece during this activity.
  • Lastly, some stones used in jewelry are particularly fragile. If a piece is dropped, there is a chance that the stone may crack. Please keep this in mind when wearing your pieces. The Whimsie will not be responsible for cracked or broken stones.