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All of my Jewelry and Whimsie Gifts are 100% Handcrafted and Made to Order.
I use only sustainably sourced materials-- this includes all gemstones, turquoise, and shells, as well as 98-100% recycled metals in my jewelry.

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 Whimsie Crystal Candles are made using hand-poured Organic, American-grown soy wax with 100% natural, plant-based oils for scent. Whimsie Linen & Body Sprays are made using distilled water, Dead Sea & Himalayan Salts, and 100% natural plant-based oils.



When you purchase from The Whimsie, you know who is making your item, where it is being made, and who you are supporting. Myself, my husband, and my furry children thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your commitment to shopping small, and allowing local craftsmen to do what they love. 


Xx-- The Whimsie



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